Wednesday, 6 July 2011

When Nanà is "home alone"!

Who has read my older posts would know who is Nanà. She's our 4-year-old Birman cat. She has quite particular characters. Normally cats are independent. Ours instead needs someone to stay with. Actually it's said the Birman cats are very proper to who need a pet as companion.

I noticed her behavior when I was packing stuffs before going away in a weekend. I pulled out a big baggage, she turned around and around and sniffed. The next morning we went to my mom-in-law's house on mountain. My in-laws already arrived there the day before. We left Nanà at home because, from the previous experiences, she suffers a lot the trip, strangers and the new environment. Moreover, we were mostly obliged to close her in the loft in order that she couldn't stray in relatives' apartments or go down to the neighbour's garden. So we concluded that it'd much better leaving her home when we go away for only a weekend.

It happened that the next Monday, I was packing stuffs again to go for a short holiday at sea. When I pulled out the 2 baggages, she came close to me. Each time I put a piece of clothes there, she bited my hands, trying to impede me. We quarreled for a while but, becoming impatient, I stopped doing the baggage and went to another room. She followed me and was still biting my feet. I thought she's gone mad! That night, she slept on one of the baggages. Incredible! She understood we were leaving her home again.

This time yet, my in-laws took care of her. They told us on the phone that Nanà was angry with them. Anything they did for her never satisfied her; giving food, brushing her fur, etc. It seemed she did go mad. The day we arrived home, she finally stayed calm and returned normal. My in-laws said they almost couldn't stand aggressivity. How come! Nanà's used to stay with them. She might not want us to leave home.

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