Wednesday, 6 July 2011

An excursion into nature

I'd like to post some nice pictures taken during our short trekking. It was on Sunday 26th of June. Our boy Dylan loves walking up the mountain. Actually he didn't walk but he ran! After a couple of hours of walking among the nature, I really felt healthy and relaxed, nevertheless the contrast effect causing by my allergy to grasses. The location is a passage near my mom-in-law's house on mountain in the province of Bergamo. Let me show you the pictures of some wild flowers and the panorama.


  1. Ma che belle foto... le montagne bergamasche sono splendide...e che natura!

  2. @Elena: grazie! Le ho fatto con la mia macchinina, sarebbero più belle se fossero state fatto dalla macchinona di Fra, ma chi ha voglia di portarlo x camminare in montagna!


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