Thursday, 28 July 2011

Books I've read and loved lately

I love reading novels. I've read various genres, just a good one I don't mind if it's a romance, comedy, tragedy or thriller but particularly I'm likely to choose those which retrace the history of a country or those which give you the sensation of staying and experiencing life in another country. Talented writers are able to render the history and cultures enjoyable and light. There're two books of the same author that I've appreciated a lot at the moment. One of them, I read it last year in original language; that is English version and it's called "A Thousand Splendid Suns". The other, I just had the chance to read it this month in Italian version, and it's "Il Cacciatore di Aquiloni" or "The Kite Runner" in original version. The Afghan author Khaled Hosseini just passed on life in Kabul and the outskirts into your eyes as if you could really feel it. I just think the two novels worths a read so I'd like to recommend them, perhaps you may not know them yet!

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