Friday, 15 July 2011

Editing pictures

This's just for fun. I don't know why but last evening after cooking a simple dish for myself, using the organic long beans from my friend's garden, I thought of the way my daddy loves to eat. Each meal, my mom always prepared the table in this way: 1 plate,1 spoon and 1 fork for herself and her children but 1 bowl and 1 couple of sticks for her husband. My dad loves to have food from a bowl and pick the food with chinese sticks. He holds the bolw in the left hand and the sticks in the right if he tasted the food better than having it from a plate and fork. My mom, me, bro and sis use the sticks only when we have noodles, never use them when we have rice.

So last evening, after thinking of my dad and his bowl of rice, I decided to have rice and the long beans & shrimps in red curry sauce (obviously cooked by meself) in a bowl and to use sticks. I just wanted to fantasized a little bit with the pictures of the meal editing them by the program photoscape. And the results are...

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