Thursday, 30 December 2010

The beginning

Hello visitors,
I've always loved reading and writing since I was small. At school I was good at English language and I decided with determination that I would further my studies in foreign languages since I was at the primary school. I always read any signs in English and learned the language this way. My childhood dream was to become a news reporter, journalist or writer.

After my graduation, I worked for 2 years at Bangkok before my marriage and moving to Italy, my husband's homeland! Yes, my life changed a lot. I became a full-time housewife and mom. I'm extremely happy with my peaceful family life. I never imagined myself this happy as a housewife before.  I've been encouraged by friends and my uni professors to write a book. Well, I've deeply wanted to write, but I don't know yet about what and how to begin. After so many years I'm not sure if I still possess my writing skill. Fortunately these days we've more ways to publish our stories, ideas, etc.

Therefore, I'm writing a blog! I don't know exactly yet what kind of blog it would be, either in what language I should write. For now I decided to begin in English because it can reach both my Thai and Italian friends, even world-wide readers. However, I may sometimes switch to write in Thai, my mother language, and in Italian as well. It's still to see. I think I should write about what I know well, so I'm going to tell about my daily life. My stories can be only some ordinary things happened in such ordinary days, or perhaps special events might come across, who knows! At least, I can use this board just as my memory.

I hope to have something to share soon.
Enjoy your days and Happy New Year!