Friday, 15 February 2013

A creative gift from a friend!

It's been some time since the holidays were gone, Chinese New Year celebration is over too, so as Valentine's Day!! How time flies! Many things have kept me busy at the moment.

This post is dedicated to my spoiled princess. Some of you might have known her from some of my old posts. Just scroll down a little bit and look at the right should find her sitting elegantly.

Nanà will be 6 years old this May. One of my friends is so kind to draw her a portrait. She loves drawing and her works are inspired by her lovely black doggy. I love her works very much because they are simple but very cute and they tell emotions and stories in only few pictures. You can visit her page at Dots.Lines

Here it is...Nanà's first portrait  =^.^=

Credit to Dots.Lines