Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A great time with my great friends

Yesterday I really had a great time with my Thai friends. I invited them to have lunch together and to up-date all the news. The 3 lovely friends are Thai wives who have lived in Italy for longer time than me. Ther're numerous Thai women in my city, more than I ever imagined but sincerely I prefer having only some but good friends. We talked a lot and surely we had a lot of fun. My boy, who's on summer holidays, had a smaller friend to keep company. He took the occasion to play as the big brother.

The night before, I marinated the chicken breasts in coconut milk, curry powder and some other ingredients. I grilled them with my friends for the lunch. In addition, I prepared a soup with stuffed zucchini and I also let them try the salted eggs I made. Cooking our dishes and speaking our language make us feel we're home! Seeing that lately I threw myself into the cooking field, I let you see my dishes. They were superb ;-)

They brought me the cakes and a Thai dessert but I didn't take the photo. I can say that another extraordinary day of mine ended.

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