Monday, 15 April 2013

Delight of the day: Kukicha

I recently have got a new Japanese - style kettle and cups and I was so eager to use them! I and my hubby love trying various types of teas. He likes particularly Indian spiced tea while I prefer light ones. However, infusing tea leaves such a pleasant scent in your room, doesn't it?

Today I'd like to introduce you a particular green tea called "kukicha"; a Japanese blend made of stems, stalks and twigs. Kukicha has a unique flavour and aroma among teas, due to its being composed of parts of tea plants that are excluded from most other teas. It's mild and slightly sweet. It's recommended to steep into hot water at around 80 °c for 8 - 10 minutes. Kukicha is special because it's naturally very low in caffeine without any industrial decaffeination (because of the very long drying process) and for this reason, it's also suitable for kids.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A sweet and colorful treat to brighten up your days!

The so long and enduring winter seems to come to an end...finally!!! It's reported that this spring is the coldest in the last 50 years. No wonder, each year there're some new records regarding weather; the coldest, the hottest, the rainiest, the droughtiest, etc...etc...

Well, to celebrate the sunny and beautiful day like today, I was wearing colorful jeans and jacket. A new haircut is done too! Some time ago I've seen a very cute vdo clip of one of my favourite bloggers. She's Thai like me! I just think it's worth sharing. A cheerful breakfast like this must help brighten up your day. But how patient she is!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What's happening around: Thai Festival in Milan

Hi readers!

I'm back with an upcoming date. If you are curious about Thai culture, love its cuisine and are a fan of Thai boxing, you can't miss this event! The first Thai Festival (ever organised this way in Italy) is taking place on 19-20-21 of this month, in Piazza Beccaria, Milan. There will be various shows such as Thai traditional dances, Miniature Puppet show, Sword dance, culinary demonstrations and the spectacle Muay Thai. To see the programs of each day, please click here.

I'm wishing we'd have warm and sunny days! I can't stand these cold and humid days anymore. It seems summer will never come!!!