Sunday, 6 March 2011

Remodelling my blog

In these days I've been trying to change the appearance of my blog. Who has visited it several times at this period must have seen the continuous changing of the page's background image. The cool thing is that I found an accessory for webpages by chance and I got crazy of it! It's a hanging Japanese chime, moving as if blown by a slight wind and producing a bell sound. I love these wind chimes very much! We've one hanging behind a door inside the house. I find the bell sound very pleasant and relaxing but I avoid hanging it outside for the reason that the sound (that will contunue in the windy days) can disturb our neighbours as they aren't used to it.

When I saw this gadget, I decided that I "must" absolutely insert it in my blog! Well, it needed much effort for me as the website of this wonderful thing was in Japanese languages. I helped myself by Google translator at the first step, then guessing which code could be the right one. I tried and tried to copy & paste all the possible codes but nothing happened. At the end, I called my personal technician; my husband. (Why didn't I asked him to do it at first? It was simply because I was so stubborn that I wanted to make it done by myself!) In only some minutes, after modifying the Html of the page, he succeeded! Finally I was so happy to get the Japanese wind chime, that changes the designs automatically each time, at the right top of my blog.

After that, the old template wasn't fine anymore. The next thing was seeking for a perfect page design that could get along with my new wind chime!!! I've been looking for many Japanese-themed wallpapers, changing it for a lot of times and for now I think the Japanese cherry blossoms are ok. However, don't be surprised if any time you see different themes!!!


  1. I love the new look of your blog. Spring is coming. Keep writing naja.

  2. Many thanx Som, it's so good we support each other ;-D

  3. Complimenti, molto primaverile...e poi il campanellino è davvero simpatico! Bravissima!


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