Monday, 7 March 2011

Carnival festivity

Yesterday was a very sunny day, it was worth going out. We're in the period of Carnival, so there're many events all around. We've never been to the famous mask carnival of Venice. We once visited that of Busseto (the province of Parma) which was quite grand and lively. Well, I just had a look on the local newspaper and found some nearby villages which organised the festivity. At our living place there was an in-door disguise competition but I preferred bringing my boy to an out-door one. He had been to the competition some times when he was smaller.

My husband decided the place. It was in our province, not far from our zone and it's called "Gossolengo". Certainly our teenager-to-be wore a disguise costume. Just have a look in the pictures and guess who he was mimicking!

Many friends of mine said he looks alike the real character very much ;-D


  1. ciao, piacere di conoscerti, felice giornata!!

  2. @nanussa: piacere! Buona giornata ed auguri anche a te!

  3. Carinissimo il tuo Harry Potter!!!Ma dal vero è ancora più bello!

  4. @Elena: sai che prima ho pensato di vestirlo come dottore se non mi veniva in mente nient' altro. Però dalla capigliatura e viso lo immaginavo un pò Harry Potter, e così ho fatto delle ricerche x il costumino. Altrimenti avrà avuto lo stesso look di Tommy senza mettersi d'accordo!


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