Saturday, 12 March 2011

Salapao: Chinese steamed buns / bread

A couple of years ago, I bought a pack of mixed flour for "salapao" or Chinese bread from my reliable on-line food store. It was my first attempt and I wasn't so satisfied as the salapao I used to have in Thailand was softer. My husband loves those steamed Chinese bread, so I was curious to try to do it although I wasn't very convinced about the result...and I was right, the buns came out a bit too hard and sticky.

There're several kinds of salapao; assorted ones and empty ones that are called "Mantou". My husband has tried the latter and he loves it. He's never tried the assorted ones but now that he became vegetarian, he isn't going to try them for sure! The assortments of salapao can be "red pork" (a Chinese recipe of marinating pork in some spices and then grilled), chopped pork & boiled eggs and sweet cream. I like the buns with red pork the most.

After the 1st attempt, I didn't keep in mind to try it again but somehow I just got a pack of the flour again some months ago. Finally I picked it up the day before yesterday and decided to proceed it!

Well, the mixed flour I got is a kind of easy-to-do. Here's the package.

I thought to make buns with chopped pork and a boiled egg. I mixed the pork with a little bit of these ingredients: chopped garlic, coriander, chopped spring onion, soy sauce, cornstarch and a pinch of white pepper.

I placed the flour in a bowl and gradually add 1/3 cup + 2 tbsp. of water and 1/0 tsp. of vegetable oil. I mixed until just blended. Then, I transferred it onto a floured surface and kneaded the dough until smooth.

I shaped it into a long roll and divided it into around 12 pieces. I flattened each piece of dough and placed the filling at the center. then pleated the edge loosely and pressed firmly the top to close the bun.

When the buns were ready, I placed them onto grease-proof paper and arranged them in a boiling steamer. I let steam for about 15 minutes and proved that the fillings were well-cooked.

Well done!!! (I left 2 pieces empty for my hubby)

This time I've done a good job ;-) They tasted good and the bread was as soft as it had to be. Yummy!!

I'll learn to make the sweet cream filling so that my hubby can eat it too. Perhaps I may try to make some with only blended boiled eggs and some herbs. I must think of some alternatives without meat!


  1. Sono molto carini e con un ripieno vegetariano sfizioso sono sicura che piacerà a tutta la famiglia! Sai che lunedì inizia un contest di cucina etnica? Faccio parte della giuria...
    Un bacio

  2. HO riletto ora il commento ma ci sono parole che non ho scritto: " un " lo vede come Nazioni chissà che cosa è successo, 'sti computer!

  3. Oh my god! It looks so yammy. By the way, there is not Sa la Pao flour here.

  4. @Elena: grazie per la notizia!

    @Som: Look at this:
    This recipe suggests you how to do without the Salapao flour. Try it!!!

  5. Ciao Mee se passi dal mio blog troverai una sorpresa per te, spero ti faccia piacere!


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