Thursday, 31 March 2011

Spring is in the air

Since one week ago, I haven't been fine. Firstly I had got a terrible pain in my back and left shoulder. I could hardly move for 2 entire days, it was badly painful. Then I caught the symptoms of hay fever, yes it's spring! I had been caughing unceasingly day and night. I found a syrup of my son in the cupboard, so I had it for several times and finally I went to see the doctor. I used to begin to take the antihistamines in mid April each years but this year I have to start it this early!

Today I went to visit a friend of mine who lives in the town next to mine. It's a countryside where there are cultivated fields and industries, the ones next to the others. Many houses own cherry trees and they're now flowering all together. I love the cherry blossoms very much (as you can see from my page background!). I took a photo of one which stands proudly in front of a house. This is awesome and I just think why can't we have a gorgeous one like this?!

Well, I feel a bit exhausted (which is the side effect of the medicine and may be the first warm sunny days as well). My family and friends at Bangkok told me that they're having such a weird weather. It's incredibly cold down there, about 13-15 °c instead of 35 °c as it should be in this period. April is normally the hottest month of the year but they're afraid they may have so few degrees. There're uncommon floods in the South of Thailand at the moment. The earth is changing in an unexpected way, so we must learn to keep up with the circumstances.

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