Sunday, 4 December 2011

Thailand's Father's Day - The unconditional love for our Royal father

Tomorrow is father's day in Thailand. Many foreigners may not know that our father's day is the birthday of His Majesty King Rama IX, the King of Thailand since 1950, and he's cited as the Greatest King of all time. The thing foreigners don't know and won't ever know is why Thai people love the king this much. You must be born Thai to perceive it. We call HM King Rama IX (King Bhumibol) "our Royal father" because he does have the role of father of all people, and people give him the unconditional love unquestionably.

The King Bhumibol has such a great wisdom. He's always been looking after his people. He's gone everywhere, even in the poorest places and among poorest people, to see the problems with his eyes and make projects to resolve them himselves. I strongly believe that no other kings in the world has worked hard as King Bhumibol. His heart is greater than his wisdom, this's why Thai people love him with all their heart. He has no real power in ruling the country but many times he gives speech to the government and people to calm down the country's disorder. People believe in him, not for his power but for his great heart.

I had such a great experience standing in front of my king in my graduation ceremony. I was so lucky because the year after the king quited assigning the degree to the graduates because of his health problems. My university was one of the few where the king attended the ceremonies and assigned himself the degree. I'm very proud until today and I've my picture receiving the degree from the king hung on my room's wall. My Venetian friend once visited me and when she saw that picture she was amazed saying that in Thailand it was a serious ceremony, but in Italy it's not so. When I transferred to live in Italy, my mom said, handing me that picture: "Bring it with you, it's yours." Later, I found that she was right. I feel very proud every time I look at it. I've known the meaning of experiencing once being in front of the king, the Royal father.

I'm attaching here a beautiful and meaningful video. The song is dedicated to our beloved "Father". In the video, a rural teacher is describing to his students what our Royal Father has done for his people. The author compared the country to a tree and His Majesty King to the curator of the tree who has been watering and nourishing it until it has become big and strong. Our duty is to save the tree together, so that it can last long.

Best wishes to every father who gives an unconditional love to his children.
Long Live The King, who gives an unconditional love to his people.

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  1. Penso che il vostro re sia davvero speciale, e quindi auguro: lunga vita al Re!
    un bacio ele


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