Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas in Thailand

Christmas is intensely in the air! Yesterday, I and my two great friends met up in the centre of the city. It was full of people and "lives". The atmosphere of the greeting seasons was perceived and I love this feeling very much. It was such a cold day but I somehow felt warm and embraced by all people around. We had so many conversations and some good laughs.

I've always been in touch with all my family and friends in Thailand for nowadays we've so many rapid ways to contact people around the world. Thanks to the hi-technologies the world's getting smaller. You can reach the other side of the world in a second! Certainly at the moment everyone of us talks about the up-coming holidays. Although the majority of Thai people is Buddhist, Christmas is very celebrated! We love every joyous celebration. Thai people have accepted various foreign cultures and we sometimes go crazy about them! You won't have too much difficulty if you want to have success in my native country because people are mostly open-minded. They welcome new things quite eagerly.

Christmas celebration in Thailand is however different from its original tradition where the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated and the family get united as the most special moment. For us it's a joyful moment when you can see lighting decorations everywhere (especially in big cities). We love to exchange gifts among family, colleagues and friends. At school, a male teacher is dressed up as Father Christmas and give away candies to children. I still remember how I and classmates enjoyed Christmas together. We didn't have lessons but played a lot of games. Some families began to buy a Christmas tree for their home. Why not enjoying things at most?

I attach here a picture of a big shopping hall at Bangkok (my favorite place!). I got it from a Thai website (hoping the owner won't mind!). I miss this place. My husband and my son love it too and they can stay therein all the day.

The origin of the picture:

Merry Christmas to everybody! 
Wishing you a great time with all your beloved ones ;)

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