Saturday, 17 December 2011

Caught just in time: a lovely picture of Nanà

Hello readers!
After being absent for a while, I just wanted to keep my blog alive by posting a lovely picture: my sweetie cat with beautiful poinsettia in the background. It's not easy taking a good photo of my cat Nanà. She doesn't stay still in front of the camera. 

I've got a new tool in my kitchen. It's WAFFLE MAKER!!! Yes, I longed for it since a long time but never got one for the reason of fear to gain weight!! I just came across a big promotional sale, so I couldn't help grabbing it. I don't try it could I?? At the moment we're pampering ourselves with loads of pre-Christmas sweets. However, sooner or later it'll be done ;-)

Anyone has noticed another blog of mine? I decided to write "seriously" a Thai blog for Thai readers with the purpose of trying and practicing my writing skill, for one day my dream of publishing my own book might come true. This's only a kind of experiment, hoping to get more inspiration.

Have a great time, everyone!


  1. Ciao Mee, la tua gatta è bellissima e anche il tuo blog! Da oggi ti seguo e se ti va passa anche tu dalle mie parti! A presto, dai un baccio a Nanà!!!

  2. @Emily: grazie mille per i complimenti ;) Certo che passo da te a fare visita!


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