Friday, 30 December 2011

Another year has gone; all my extraordinary things remain

It was exactly one year ago when I wrote my first post in this blog. I've emptied it with many little common things. The blog, however, looks better from how I imaginged at first. And unbelievably I've got 21 followers now! I know it's not a big number (for some it might be a ridiculous number) but I'm just glad to see more hits in my blog's statistics. Although my origin intention was only to practice my brain as an anti-alzheimer exercise, I anyway felt proud when somebody was (or seemed to be) interested to read what I wanted to transmit.

This year I got the sensation that it's not the same atmosphere as the previous ones. In this moment, some people are waiting to celebrate the year end while many are getting concerned of how the new year would be. Unfortunately many families are having an economic difficulty. Mine isn't going great in economy either but we're still fine and we consider ourselves lucky enough! Life sometimes turns to be cruel. I always get moved when I hear some stories of desperate people. I just imagine myself in their conditions, and I feel something deep in my heart. But life must go on. I can't do much for others but I'd like to "hope" for a better year for everybody. May the new year be full of love, peace and hope.

I'm very grateful for life, for my beloved family, for every little thing that has made me happy, for nice people I've met (I just removed the unkind ones from my mind) and for each simple but meaningful moment of mine. I feel happy everyday. I don't wish anything more than this. My only wish is that life continues to be this kind to me.

I'd like to cite one of my favorite quotes here, it just fits this post.
"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet"
(James Oppenheim)

Best wishes to my readers!
Have a great moment at the year end and have a very happy beginning of the New Year!!!


  1. Il tempo è sempre poco, ma eccomi qui almeno per augurare a te e famiglia un buon fine ed un 2012 pieno di amore, felicità e lavoro! un bacio, Gianni

  2. Buon Anno Mee... con augurio che sia un anno migliore per tutti!!!*_*


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