Sunday, 23 October 2011

Living with the flood (as 2nd-handed experience)

The most serious crisis at the moment in my native nation; that's Thailand, isn't only the economic one but also the continuos flooding in many provinces and today people in the capital is preparing themselves as water is arriving. In these years, we the Thai people have been through so many hard situations: the great earthquake that caused tsunami in 2004, outstanding political conflicts, the so-called red-shirts that set fire to the centre of Bangkok...and so on...and so on. Right in this moment, the nature is that cruel to send unceasing water that knocked out many provinces in the North. Disasters after disasters...what Thai people is saying right now is: "This too shall pass!" In my opinion, no other people in the world is as optimistic as the Thais. We've such a great capacity to face problems and to adapt ourselves in order to live with them. We're always able to smile in the dullest period. In the picture above (which was taken from a Thai on-line newspaper), an amount of residents in a hit area is helping each other to pass on bags of sand to be formed as a water block.

Yesterday, the flood was reaching Northern Bangkok. I called my mom and she said they're all fine. Water alrady entered my brother's house and he now has to sleep in the hospital where he works. (He's a medical doctor.) My parents' house was still safe, and so as my sister's one. They piled up the sand bags in front of the gates and stocked drinking water and food in case of necessity. My mom's words were: "The typhoons are crossing the ocean and they're directing to Europe, so just take care!" And Rome was flooded indeed!

Keeping in touch with my family and friends make me feel as if I was living the experience too. Nature is never kind to anyone. The big problems may be the incompetent gorvernment, the nature or what else, in this hard period my family and friends are trying to get relieved in some ways. Somebody bought a paddle boat, some take this occasion of staying home to read books or to watch movies as desired but never found time, others posted pictures commenting that they just had a luck to try life at Venice.

I, who is so far away from them, am sending much moral to everyone of them and certainly "This too shall pass!!!"


  1. Solo questa sera al telegiornale ho saputo di questa cataclisma e subito ho pensato a te, ci eravamo appena viste e non ne sapevo niente... In bocca al lupo ai nonni e agli zii di Dylan, bacioni

  2. non ci sono parole che abbiano abbastanza valore di fronte a tali disastri. un in bocca al lupo anche da parte nostra.
    il team di real fame

  3. @Elena: grazie mille per il pensiero e per gli auguri. I miei famigliari stanno tutti bene e si sono preparati bene per affrontare l'allagamento. Ho appena sentito mio papà, ha detto che da loro non c'è ancora prima o poi l'acqua arriverà di sicuro ma non si preoccupano + di tanto.

  4. @Cannella Impazzita: grazie di cuore! Siete stati gentilissimi. La gente nella crisi si unisce di più e si diventa più forte. Tutto questo passerà :)


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