Sunday, 16 October 2011

The essence of a special evening

After the last post which was dedicated to my only son's birthday, I wanna write about his small party with his best friends at home. We organised it 2 days after his birthday as he had been sick and just recovered in time, so yesterday was a better day as it was Saturday = a school-free day.

The kids are becoming big, they already have a-teenager-to-be look, however they're all kids and still love playing and ruunig up and down stairs. My boy was so happy, he did have a great time and lots of fun with 3 classmates and another friend. I just would like to remember all these simple but happy moments as they're very precious for my son's youth and for us, the parents, as well. Today, there're many places where you can organise a birthday party with the whole class. They're nice places that offer a large space with enormous inflatables and every kid loves them. Dylan had been many times to these parties and we once organised such a party for him a few years ago. The kids enjoyed it a lot. Those parties are funny but they're very confusing, you mostly hear yells and see some figures running here and there. I personally love more intimate and cosy atmosphere.

Yesterday was really a cosy birthday party for my boy. He was very happy to stay with his close friends. I've always been convinced that the "essence" of a great party is to be with the person you love and to do what makes you happy, that's all.

To finish this post, I leave you a picture of snacks I baked myself but I have to refer the food blog where I picked up the recipe. Thanx to "La mia cucina" of Gianni for the idea!!!


  1. Anche se con qualche giorno di ritardo, tantissimi auguri a tuo figlio e grazie mille per menzionarmi...non potevi farmi un regalo più grande nel provare una mia ricetta.....questi salatini sono una bontà e sicuramente sono stati spazzolati in poco tempo! Un bacio

  2. @Gianni: grazie mille x gli auguri al mio ometto! Non potevo non fare riferimento all' origine della ricetta :) Non è la prima volta che provo delle ricette prese dai meravigliosi food blog ma di solito sono pigra e non ho pubblicato niente. Questa volta c'è stato l'occasione e magari comincerò ad essere meno pigra ;)

  3. Posso testimoniare erano davvero molto buoni, bravissima Mee!
    Le ricette di Gianni sono una garanzia, è vero, ma tu li hai cucinati davvero bene! Bacioni

  4. @Elena: questi salatini sono davvero squisiti e molto facili e voloci da preparare! Grazie x i tuoi complimenti ma soprattutto grazie per la compagnia, è stata una giornata bellissima! (ed ovviamente Dylan si è divertito molto)

  5. Looks delicious! Come visit me! I am one of your followers now! Congrats on your blog! :)

  6. @Yukari: many thanx for your visit and becoming a follower ;) I'm going to visit yours soon!


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