Sunday, 1 May 2011

Proud to present...Thai mango!

How much I love mangoes!!! It's the best fruit for me. We've many kinds of mangoes, some types should be served when raw, while some others are delicious when ripe. Thai mangoes are different from the Brazilian ones (sincerely I don't like the latter!).

Two weeks ago, one of my Thai friends gave me a couple of mangoes she got from Bangkok. It's one of the most delicious types we have. Its name is "NAM-DOK-MAI" and it must be consumed when ripe. My in-laws appreciated them very much. They reminded when they visited Thailand 11 years ago. They agree that mangoes are the most delicious fruits they've ever tried! This kind is quite similar to ripe peaches, but the taste is little bit sweeter. I'm showing you a picture here below.

This year we're not going to Bangkok, but we'll do it the next year. I've to wait another year to have delicious mangoes!!!

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