Thursday, 19 May 2011

My first experiment on salted eggs

A bowl of rice soup and a salted egg had been my favorite breakfast ever! Here I adapted myself with the classic Italian breakfast; home-made espresso coffee and some cookies. Sometimes I really miss the breakfast prepared by my mom, especially the salted eggs which were superb! I can't imagine if these preserved eggs are eaten in some other parts of the world apart from Thailand and China! In Italy it sounds so weird.

Normally we use duck eggs but I can't find them in any supermarket. My in-laws said they never heard anybody eating duck eggs before. Well, if we eat hen's eggs, why don't we eat duck's ones? I don't know if I'll get the same result with hen's eggs, but I should try. I'm altready dreaming my favorite breakfast! Let's see in the next 3 weeks if the eggs will be eatable.

This isn't really my 1st experiment as mentioned in the topic. In the primary school I made it in the class but this's my 1st time out of school ;-D I've never preserved vegetables nor fruits, it's not my habit doing it. We rarely eat preserved food, it may be because we've fresh veggies and fruits all the year.


  1. Sono curiosa le uova le metti sotto sale con il guscio? e poi si attende 3 settimane? interessante....aspettiamo gli eventi! bacioni

  2. Sì Elena, dopo le 3 settimane si fà bollire come fare l'uovo sodo. In frigo durano x un pò. Si ho indovinato la quantità di sale e tempo giusto dovrebbero essere bei salati, buonissimi con il riso!

  3. Ciao, piacere di conoscerti!!!
    Ho trovato molto interessante il tuo post sulla cura degli asparagi!!!
    Mi sono unita ai tuoi sostenitori, così restiamo in contatto.
    Se ti fa piacere passa a trovarmi.
    Buona giornata


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