Wednesday, 8 June 2011

...and it's time to boil the salted eggs!!!

Yes, 3 weeks has passed and this morning I lifted the eggs out of the vases, placed them in a saucepan and covered them with water. The water began to boil, I reduced the heat a little bit and....there came one doubt. How much time would it take to cook the salted eggs??? I was completely convinced that it'd take the same time as boiling fresh eggs...but fortunately I began to doubt so firstly took a look on the internet and the website I clicked said it should take about half an hour. Really half an hour to boil some salted eggs??? I suddenly picked up the phone and call my (Thai) dear friend who had suggested me to do the eggs. She strongly confirmed that it does take more time to cook them than to cook the fresh ones. She usually let boil for about 15 min. Well...the webpage I consulted said 30 min, my friend 15 min...or it might depend on how high the flame is?? I just took a quick decision to let them boil on a medium-low heat for 20 min....

When the eggs were replaced from the saucepan and cooled down...I couldn't wait to open one of them!!! And here it is!!
It tasted well, quite salty ;-) I had it at lunch with a plate of stir-fry rice with veggies. I'm still ok until now, so they're not harmful to health :-P


  1. Oggi nel pomeriggio ti ho visto in buona salute...che dici dovremo aspettare domani?
    Ma scherzo!
    Sono davvero curiosa, le proverò, ma quanto sale devo aggiungere?
    Non ho scordato di informarmi sulle uova d'anatra...appena ho qualche notizia ti faccio sapere! baci

  2. Elena: è passato pure un'altro giorno e ne ho mangiato un' altro uovo e sono viva ;-D Non so però come colesterolo come sto!
    Dunque, le porpozioni del sale ed acqua sono 4:1 da lasciare 3 settimane. un bacione!


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