Monday, 6 February 2012

And the real winter began!

Since the past week we began to have a real sense of winter here in Italy, or at least in my living zone. We didn't have any snow during Christmas holidays and some of us already thought we were safe from a hard work of ploughing They were wrong, snow didn't visit us before but it only got some delay. And since a couple of days ago, we realised that we weren't safe from a real winter at all as the temperature began to go down and down. Finally we're living a freezing week of -10°c and even below!! I sincerely don't love cold weather even a bit but when it's's time! this the beginning of the famous 2012 profecy?? Let's cross the fingers ;)

This morning when my boy went to school, I saw a very lovely scene and I couldn't help catching a picutre. Don't you think it's a perfect one for the month of "love"?

                                                ♥ Happy Valentine's Day in advance

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