Sunday, 19 February 2012

Friendship between the lines - Part II

In my life, I've had many great experiences towards people through letters. I can say that I've met extraordinary people by correspondence. This might not convince all of you, but as my first-handed experience, I found that through letters I've learnt to know each person deeply and sincerely. Something is difficult to say directly in person but when you put it on a sheet of paper, you feel you can express it more fluently and openly. I've got that sensation; that you feel less fear or less embarrassment to show who you are, what you like, what you think, etc.

After many years of correspondences, I began to lose contact with some of them while others have strengthened a beautiful friendship. For the latter, we talked about our life, our plans, and sometimes we asked for a piece of advice. They've been just like close friends. By the way, as we became older, each of us have lots to do in life, so we're not writing that much but we never forget to send a greeting card on holidays. Occasionally we up-date our news such as sending a wedding photo!

One of my great experience was meeting a penpal by person after so many letters! She lives near Venice. After my marriage with my Italian boyfriend and my moving to live in Italy, I visited her very soon. Thinking back now, many funny things came up in my mind. She's become one best friend of mine. We visited each other when it was possible. The last time we spent a little bit of time together was last summer.

Another extraordinary penpal I've ever got is my very first Finnish penfriend. We knew each other when we both were two girls. After 20 years we're still keeping in touch, even if we don't write often as before but we're still thinking of each other. This's one of the simple little things that is special to me.

My destiny must have wanted me to know great people from the distance. I felt I was always lucky in having nice correspondences, but that was not enough! One day I got contact from one person, we began to write to each other, we kept learning each other...until one day we decided to marry each other. I support the saying that "we can meet people everywhere and by any method".

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