Wednesday, 12 June 2013

So much....sushi!

After a long absence, I came back with one of my most favourite dishes: Sushi! What you're going to see is the picture of my masterpiece (don't mind the exaggeration..) made a couple of days ago. My version of sushi is usually modified as the convenience of finding ingredients. This time I had a pack of smoked salmon in the fridge, so I used it as the main ingredient.

As rice seasoning, I prefer the powdered one. You can use rice vinegar adding some salt and sugar but the rice remains too wet. As my own experience, Thai rice comes out dryer than the Japanese one after steaming. For the reason that I don't live in a place where I can buy very fresh salmon, I don't trust eating it without cooking. I, then, choose to use smoked one. The result is quite satisfactory! Not having conserved ginger to accompany the sushi, I sliced a cucumber as it help reduce the heaviness of grease from salmon. Sorry that I don' t have a Japanese style would have been more original!

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