Thursday, 13 June 2013

Counting down to the departure....

Well, exactly this time in exactly 2 weeks later...I and my beloved hubby and son will be checking-in at Malpensa airport...and the destination is...our beloved city Bangkok!

To start the chapters of my holidays' blogging, I just would like to announce that Bangkok won the Best City Award 2012 from Travel & Leisure Magazine! my opinion, there're no other cities that own such characteristics as Bangkok. Who's never been there yet can't understand the feeling. I'm not talking only about its beauty, its ancient architectures, its traditional costumes and dances, bla bla bla...certainly there's also the negative side of Bangkok, but the feelings, the emotions or whatever you want to call it, that the city and the people offer you are really unique and unforgettable.

Visit the link below ;)

Bangkok Wins Best City Awards 2012 from Travel & Leisure Magazine


  1. Have a very nice time there :) And eat all Thai food for me please hehehe!

  2. Ciao che Tommi e Dylan si sono trovati su Skype, tutto bene il viaggio, ti auguro di trascorrere delle giornate meravigliose nel tuo paese!
    Un bacio grande!

  3. Grazie Elena! E' gia' quasi ora di ritornare!!!


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