Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What's happening around: Thai Festival in Milan

Hi readers!

I'm back with an upcoming date. If you are curious about Thai culture, love its cuisine and are a fan of Thai boxing, you can't miss this event! The first Thai Festival (ever organised this way in Italy) is taking place on 19-20-21 of this month, in Piazza Beccaria, Milan. There will be various shows such as Thai traditional dances, Miniature Puppet show, Sword dance, culinary demonstrations and the spectacle Muay Thai. To see the programs of each day, please click here.

I'm wishing we'd have warm and sunny days! I can't stand these cold and humid days anymore. It seems summer will never come!!!


  1. ma grazie dell'informazione, sarebbe interessante partecipare...almeno un giorno! Mi piacerebbe proprio! bacioni!

    1. Di niente Elena! Non so ancora neanch'io quando e se riesco ad esseerci, sto sentendo delle amiche thailandesi. Ci sarà la mia amica a presentare i cibi della sua ditta.


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