Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Our pianist

We're already near the end of the first month of the new year, how did you begin the year 2013? Well, my life is proceeding quite normally. A little bit of bad weather, humidity, snow...I really hope February won't be too cold. (The last year the temperature went down to -17 °c!)

My son began to take the piano lessons since last October. It seems that he found a new passion! The teacher is very satisfied with him, saying that he's very quick and has learned much in only few months. I and my hubby are glad to hear that. An electric piano was planned to be his Christmas gift but, seeing his enthusiasm, we had anticipated the gift, so he received it in November. Since then, we often have a little bit of sound and music in our home ;)

Our pianist!

I'm posting a video clip of his first song, recorded in December. I wanna entitle the video as "The Pianist and the Listener"

Enjoy the music!


  1. He is so clever boy. Love to hear more songs he play in the future naja :)

  2. ma che bello vedere e sentire Dylan... questo me l'ero perso! Bravissimo!

    1. Grazie Elena! Sembra che ha trovato qualcosa in cui riesce bene.


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