Tuesday, 17 November 2015

This's a magic cake!!!

Hello readers,

and yes I'm back with an incredibly easy and delicious recipe! If I've had success with this one, so everybody can do it as it's the easiest cake I've ever baked! Sincerely I'm not good at pastry and baking at all. When I found this recipe on a website, I was convinced immediately that I would try it. The original recipe is here: http://news.fidelityhouse.eu/cucina/torta-magica-alla-nutella-151481.html

They called it the "Magic Nutella Cake". All you need is 3 eggs and 300g. of nutella. Yes..only 2 ingredients..that's why they call it magic!

First, beat 3 eggs for 10 minutes or until you get a foamy composition. I used an electric beater and it was really helpful!! Then, pour bit by bit 300 g. of liquid nutella (heated but not boiled) into the foamy composition and mix well. Finally you'll get a beautiful a-bit-liquid result.

Pour the ready composition into a small baking mold (I used an 18-cm- round one). Bake it at the temperature of 180 ํc for half and hour. Don't bake it too long, otherwise the cake won't be as soft as it must be. I reduced the temperature into 160 ํc in the last 10 minutes.

Let the cake cool down and decorate it as you want. I covered my cake with some icing sugar and raspberries. This's the result!

Just try and you'll love it =^.^=

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