Thursday, 6 December 2012

The irresistible Torrone

Yesterday, I just had a chance to go downtown and have a look at the Christmas market which lasts until the Christmas Eve. I didn't begin to do Christmas shopping yet, am I in delay?? Well, among the stands, I was attracted by those of Christmas sweets, beautiful hats and handmade objects for home decorations.

I stopped by the stand of torrone, a Christmas sweet made of egg white, honey and sugar and is normally assorted with almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc. Years ago I didn't like it much as I found it too sweet and sticky, but I don't know how come I began to like it! These are various kinds of the interesting torrone.

I finally decided to get a piece of the torrone with candied fruits. I'm addicted to those fruits!!

Before leaving, I got some nice decorations from the stand of a group of Piacenza for ONLUS. They would be gifts for some friends ☺

Have a happy shopping everyone!!!


  1. Il torrone è il mio dolce natalizio preferito! Complimenti per il nuovo header, è molto carino:-))

    1. Grazie x i complimenti ;) Prima (anni fà) odiavo il torrone ma poi sono finita ad amarlo...boh! Mi succedeva la stessa cosa anche con i salumi, formaggi, ecc....ora mangio tutto. Non so se ho migliorato o peggiorato @_@

  2. I love torrone. But panettone is beyond anything. ;)


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