Saturday, 26 May 2012

The difference that makes sense

I'm not particularly a fan of Lady Gaga but I watch her performances with pleasure. As any worldwide famous public figures, she's always got many compliments and complaints. For her eccentricity, people talk about her in both positive and negative ways. Yesterday she was performing a big live concert at Bangkok. I've read that she felt very happy that Thai people welcomed her a lot and that she felt embraced. As you may know, some muslim and buddhist countries banned her performance. She might have been a bit surprised of how Thailand treated her.

As I mentioned before, I don't feel a particular sympathy towards her but I have nothing against her either. I somehow like some of her phrases. When she has an interview, I think she says things that make sense. Her odd ways of dressing and acting may get beyond the substance.

This post has something to do with my previous one. The "normality" I meant wasn't the way people always get used to. Sometimes we should dare to be different.

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