Sunday, 4 September 2011

What I eat

I'm back, after a long absence! In summer you feel like doing any other things than writing your blog, don't you? This morning, it was very cloudy and finally it rained! We did need some fresh air. I've a lot of thoughts to share but I'm still keeping them in my mind. I hardly find enough time to write as I'm not the only person who uses the computer. Well, the time will come.

Today, I just thought to show some of my simple but deliciuos dishes. In Italy, where I live, you rarely find a "real" Chinese menu in Chinese restaurants, as for in Thai ones. I suppose they modify the tastes, the ingredients and the way of cooking to make the dishes more similar to those of the local ones, for the reason that customers would accept them more easily. (Let me say that Italian people generally are very traditionalists.)  Yet, I personally think that both China and Thailand have much more various kinds of food to offer and it's really a pity not to demonstrate our stunning tastes and scents. The first time that my husband tried Thai food at Bangkok, I chose the dishes that worth trying, he was crying and blowing the nose while eating because of the intensely spicy tastes, but he loved them a lot and he was so satisfied. When our Italian friends wanted to try Thai dishes, I invited them and cooked the dishes the way they have to be and.....everyone of them loved the food a lot (even though they had some tear drops at the edge of their eyes when eating!!). One of my husband's friends turned back several times to have a Thai spicy soup.

Here is a combined picture of some Chinese and Thai dishes that we serve on the table in our families. I've cooked them at home.  They're all common ones.

The left row from top: Som-tum (Thai famous salad of raw papaya, I replaced papaya by carrots); Sweet and sour mixed vegetables and pork; Tom-yum-kung (thai well-known spicy soup with shrimps and mushrooms)
The right row: Steamed rice and egged pumpkins; Steamed rice and Chinese red spiced pork


  1. Ciao Mee, ma che belli 'sti piatti...davvero invitanti, il riso con la carne speziata mi ispira parecchio!!!
    Ma Nanà è diventata fotomodella?:)
    Sono splendide!

  2. เดี๋ยวเราไปประชาสัมพันธ์ในหน้า Blog เราให้นะตะเอง

  3. @Elena: grazie Elena! Se t'interessa posso recuperare le spezie per fare quell' la cosa + importante è la salsa, se non viene bene il piatto è meno invitante.

    X la Nanà sono sempre pronta con la macchina fotografica aspettando che si posa ;-D

  4. @Som: ขอบใจนะจ๊ะ และหวังว่าจะไม่ให้ชื่อเสียงอาหารไทยวิบัติ ด้วยฝีมือข้าพเจ้า ฮ่าๆๆ

  5. Bello il tuo blog. Mi piace da matti la cucina cinese e ogni tanto mi cimento anche io. I tuoi piatti sono molto belli. Ce l'hai un paio di bacchette per me? Mi sono unita ai tuoi sostenitori :D
    A presto


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