Friday, 21 January 2011

The happiness of Nanà

After introducing our kitty Nanà in the previous post, I'd like to talk more about her. The title of this post, as my Thai friends must have recognised, is intended to immitate one famous Thai movie's name: The Happiness of Kati (ความสุขของกะทิ). However, there's nothing to do with the movie, I only would like to make it sound a little bit "fashionable" and this article is going to tell about the daily "happiness" and "unhappiness" of Nanà.

I've to describe her habits and attitudes towards us and strangers. She's usually sweet, cuddly and playful with our family members but she becomes timid, fearful and nervous when there's a presence of a non-family person. Acually she's easily frightened by any noises and she hides herself in a closed place such as under the bed or wardrobe. From my knowledge (by reading), this's normal. Cats don't stand loud sounds and they try to avoid them. Nevertheless, Nanà is frightened by only some little sounds, especially unexpected ones.

Moreover, Nanà doesn't like visitors. She's not one of those cats that love being caressed by people (naturally except us!). One rather funny thing is that; when she hears the doorbell, she suddenly runs to the house main wndow door, moves the curtain by her paw to find out who's there and if she sees a stranger (non-family member) she takes off as a plane and you won't be able to find her! We initially hoped that she would be able to get used to see strangers one day, but we already lost the hope! Sometimes when the guests stay for some hours, she comes out to see in a safe distance, people can see her in only these few minutes because she disappears again untill the guests are gone.

I and my husband sometimes asked ourselves why Nanà is afraid of people and so many things. We immagine that probably she might have suffered during her first months at her original house.We remember the day we went to take her home. The other 2 of her siblings were double-sized of her. We then thought she could be the weakest of all the kittens. Who knows if the farm owner gave her away for this reason! Perhaps we saved her life bringing her with us!

                                     A moment in summer when Dylan & Nanà enjoyed outdoors.
                               (Nanà seemed not to be that happy in the way her buddy held her!)

In summer, Nanà loves going out to lay on the lawn, to have some grass and to scratch herself on the rough pavement. She used to meet some other cats that came into our garden. We kept an eye on them to see the reactions. The one and another kept some distance and didn't move. They looked at each other and mostly another cat went away. Once I saw Nanà inflated (I don't know which term is suitable here) herself in order to threaten another cat, letting out a weird cry at the same time. She might not feel safe and tried to defend herself. I went out to see and the other cat escaped away. Since then, we watch her often when she stays outside the house. We'd be diappointed if the cats fight against each other. Well, now we even became cat-sitter/guard!

At the conclusion, I think I can say that Nanà is a lucky kitty. She has a spacious house to live in, she can sleep wherever, she has a fairly large space outdoors, and especially she has a warm family to depend on.


  1. Poor Nanà, She is a victim 5 5 5 !!!

    ต้องตกเป็น "ขี้ปาก" ของเจ้านาย อิ๊..อิ๊..
    หล่อนก็ต้องตกเป็นเป้าสายตาของบรรดา "นายๆ" อย่างไม่คลาดสายตา

    คุณขา, ไม่ลองเอา Nanà ไปฝาก David เลี้ยงมั่งง่ะ ???

    Fr. Rivalta

  2. แมวเราก็เป็นเหมือนกันเลยยย ไม่ว่าแมวชาติไหนก็มีนิสัยคล้ายกันเนอะ ช่างเหมือนผู้ชาย ชาติไหนก็นิสัยเหมือนกันหมด เอ๊ะ นอกเรื่องป่ะเนี่ย ฮ่าๆๆ

  3. @คุณหญิงป้า มิได้เป็นขี้ปากนะจ๊ะ เขาเรียกว่าเอามาแฉ เฮ้ย เอามาโชว์ เป็นแมวดาราจ้า

    @ส้ม เอ แมวมันคงมีสัญชาติญาณของมันแบบนี้ เอ๊ะ ผู้ชายก็มีสัญชาติญาณเยี่ยงนี้เหรอเนี่ย 555


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